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By Doug Houseworth,
Owner of Houseworth Realty

Water is life and we have fresh water more abundantly than anywhere in the world. At the tip of northern Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, the sweet water seas, lakes Huron and Michigan merge in the Straits of Mackinaw to capture the water shed from the greatest lake of all, Lake Superior. Inland from these beautiful shores are countless rivers, lakes and streams that meander through some of America’s most forested lands. In the “Tip of the Mitt”, as this land is known, about 60% of the land is forested. Early homesteaders cleared and cultivated thousands of small family farms that still dot the landscape throughout Northern Michigan.

These days, many give thoughtful consideration to where and how they will live. How you live may increasingly depend on where you live. What this great land doesn’t have is just as compelling as what we do have. We don’t have any declared disasters, at least according to FEMA maps. What we do have is a region rich in natural resources and life sustaining land to live and survive on. Unlike southern Michigan, we have not attracted large agri-business or large industrial manufacturing and the ground and air pollution that goes with it. An abundance of vacant land with excellent ground water, ponds & streams is nearly everywhere. As a fuel source and habitat for wild game animals, the forested hills and valleys of this region have much to offer. For commercial agriculture, southern Michigan has more to offer, but livestock can thrive in this region due to ideal foraging conditions.

Because of our proximity to the 45th parallel we have more rainfall & less sunlight than some areas of the country. However, locals are adapting very well in learning to extend the growing season with raised bed gardening and hoop houses. There are many crops that are particularly well suited for this microclimate. When it comes to sustainability, Northern Michigan has much to offer. Having a life time supply of firewood on your property that also supports livestock and a family garden, couldn’t be better. The technology and know how, plus the natural features of the land make off-grid living achievable here in northern Michigan. The opportunities for hunting and fishing on State owned land are plentiful. Nearly 50% of the forested land in northern Michigan is held by the state and game is abundant.


Houseworth Realty can help your Northern Michigan destiny become a reality!

All photos by  Doug Houseworth ©2016

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